Grid option on HistomicsTK to point out a position.


Is there a plan to add new feature to display a grid on image?

Because of the size of WSI, it is sometimes difficult to point out where the problem exists on the image, in particular, when I discuss it with somebody.

So, if there is a grid option included on HistomcisTK, it will be easy to point out the problem on the image such as the position (X, Y) has a tumor.

Please let me know any time plan for future development on HistomicsTK.

Thank you in advance,

Young Saeng Park

Currently, we display the image coordinates at the lower right of the window. Additionally, you can use annotations to mark points of interest.

You are the first to ask for a grid. If the currently functionality isn’t enough, what sort of options would you want in a grid? It seems like adjustable spacing would be a minimum. Would the spacing remain the same regardless of zoom?

  • David