How to activate plugins on girder

Hi! I’m new to girder, using it in a docker container. I’ve read some documentations regarding plugins. There are a couple of plugins that are included within the girder/plugins directory like google analytics, gravatar, ldap, etc. When logged in within my local instance, I do not see these plugins on the plugins administrator page within the web browser. My question here is how do I activate these plugins and make them show up on the plugins configuration page on my browser? Girder version I’m using is the latest 3.0.5.dev2+ga3d359c89 and also tried 2.5.0.

You need to pip install any girder plugins you want to use. If you are doing this from pip, then this will be something like pip install girder-ldap (or whichever plugins you want to have)… If you are doing this from the source in development mode, then pip install -e plugins/ldap (see the requirements-dev.txt file for an example of this being done for testing).

  • David

I just found on the document that I also need to do girder build for it to turn up on the web gui.