Annotations in HistomicsTK

could you please tell me whether there is any way how to upload already existing ndpa annotations to HistomicsTK? We would like to see the annotations in the pictures.
Thank you for any suggestions.
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If you are on a very recent version of HistomicsTK (from the last month or so), there are controls in the Girder item view to upload annotations:

There is an upload icon at the top right of the the Annotations list.

  • David


thank you we will try to update our version. But we still have this problem: how to convert ndpa annotations to JSON in the way that Histomics would be able to read it? Any thoughts?

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Tereza Sadilová

st 11. 9. 2019 v 0:43 odesílatel David Manthey via Girder napsal: