Thanks for this support page. Our team is really enjoying the features of Girder.
We just have a question , In our project we need all our data’s to be anonymized/ pseudonymized as per our protocol .
Is there any plugins available in Girder or any other method to do Anonymization of data’s.

Any leads would be a great help for our team

Thanks and Regards

There is a project that has such a plugin here: GitHub - DigitalSlideArchive/DSA-WSI-DeID: A workflow for redacting PHI from whole slide images (WSI) based on the Digital Slide Archive. that allows redacting metadata and some images. There is ongoing work to increase the configurability of that plugin (see the “more-configure-options” branch). If that plugin is added and appropriately configured, WSI files within a few formats (Aperio, Hamamatsu, Philips TIFF) can be redacted if they are placed in the appropriate folder either by importing them with a manifest file as specified in the WSI-DeID project or by just moving them into the appropriate folder.

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Thanks David for the super fast positive response