Assetsore - file paths


when I try to show image with large image plugin that is stored in gridfs, I get this message
“This assetstore does not expose file paths”
Is problem with girder or with my mongo database?


No. Many of the tile tile sources in the large_image plugin require that images appear as files that can be read “as if from disk”. You can use the “girder mount” command to create a FUSE file system; if you do this, any assetstore can be used with any large_image tile source.

  • David
fuse: failed to exec fusermount: No such file or directory
Failed to mount FUSE.  Does the mountpoint ('/girder/mount') exist and is it empty?  Does the user have permission to create FUSE mounts?

Hi, I got this error when tried to use girder mount in docker container. The file exists and I am root so I permission to create mounts.

You have to run docker containers with appropriate permissions to use a user file system inside them. You can do this by adding --privileged to the docker run command. If you are concerned about docker container security and permissions, you can specify a more limited scope of permissions for the docker container (but I’d have to look up the specifics).