Celery user ID for Celery Jobs Plugin

I have a girder worker up and running and I would like to connect to it via girder using the Celery Jobs plugin. What do I enter as the value for the “Celery user ID”?

Ah, so it needs to be an ObjectID generated by mongodb for a document/user in the users collection. I didn’t see this displayed anywhere in the UI, but took a guess and used the user id in the URL and it worked!

Hi @nicholsn,

We are in the middle of a big Girder Worker refactor, so there will be some rough patches for a while yet. Due to the holiday, we are also lightly staffed this week, so sorry for slow responses.

First, you should use the Remote Worker plugin in Girder instead of Celery Jobs.

If you are familiar with distributed task management, a high level summary would be that
the worker plugin (and custom Girder plugins) are producers, the girder-worker/celery instances are the consumers. Consumers could also produce tasks, but that is not for entry-level workflows.

You can see a long and detailed documentation (though a work in progress) about the vision for the Girder Worker and how to create tasks here.

If you want to provide some high level description of what you are trying to accomplish, we might be able to provide some further guidance.