Create new Webclient for Grider

Hi All,

I am new to Girder. We are planning to implement a new web client application like histomicsui.


  • Web client applications should be run individually, not like a plugin (histomicsui).
  • We can use girder API to fetch the service (‘’)
  • Need to build an image viewer.

How can I import the below modules, unable to find the npm install

  1. @girder/large_image_annotation
  2. @girder/slicer_cli_web/
  3. @girder/large_image/

can you please share the any example or documentation for the above topics.

The modules you mention are part of their parent python packages (large_image, large_image_annotation, and slicer_cli_web), and are in those repos. If you don’t want to use the girder 3 build process for a web client, then you’ll have to refer to those packages via either local paths or from the git repos (I’d have to look up how to do either of those).

You can serve your own web client either by adding static files to where Girder serves such files or by adding an appropriate path resolution (e.g., use nginx to convert a path on the girder server to reference whatever you are using to server your client).

  • David

Hi David,

Thank you for your response,

We are using Vue3 for web application development, we don’t want to use python in the front end.
Those are python packages, we need only javascript node modules, how can we get that? or any other way to use those modules in frontend?
please suggest if you have any documents or example for that.

The python packages all have a web_client directory in them that contains a package.json file. In your package.json file, you can refer to the github directory. For instance, there is a service ( that lets you refer to subdirectories in a git repo. You can do npm install '' There might be more node native ways to do this, but I’d have to check.

– David

Hi David,

Thank you for your response.

Let me try and confirm. if require any help I will contact you.

Hi David,

I tried so many ways but I am unable to progress, getting compilation errors.

Can you please help to resolve the issues.