Girder Java Client?

Does a Java Girder Client exist? I need to stream data in from spark processing and would like to avoid writing my own if possible.

Hi sfines, at this time we do not have a Java client, though depending on what you want to do it may be straightforward to just use an HTTP library.

The Girder REST API uses the OpenAPI (formerly swagger) standard, so it’s possible to auto-generate clients for a variety of languages. You could use this project to generate a Java client for your Girder instance:

Hope this helps,


It does, though I have to figure the correct swagger endpoint… using /api/v1 doesn’t seem to work.

It’s at /api/v1/describe

Well, that works for generating everything except the models… it seems that something in the description doesn’t parse so I’m generating the case classes by hand, but that’s a much easier task.