HistomicsTK official release


I just want to know, if there would be an official release for HistomicsTK anytime soon?



We don’t issue official releases of HistomicsTK very often. The master branch gets updates which are tested and should always work. The default deployment (using the deploy_docker.py script) installs the latest master.

HistomicsTK has two main components: the image processing tool kit and the user interface. There is an update of the user interface that switches to Girder 3 that is currently a PR (see https://github.com/DigitalSlideArchive/digital_slide_archive/pull/41). As part of this, the UI code is moving to the HistomicsUI repo. We expect this to be released in the next week or three.

  • David

I should also add that the HistomicsTK image processing docker module gets published whenever we merge to master.

Thank you David, that was indeed helpful!