Importing Annotations into HistomicsUI

Hi David,

Greetings! We’re trying to import annotations for an SVS WSI. The annotations are in xml format. We tried importing, it does say import successful, but we don’t see any annotations.Does DSA support xml or is it only JSON? It would be great if you could suggest some workarounds if DSA doesn’t support xml annotation import. Thank you.

Without external plugins, DSA only supports importing annotations that comply with a json schema documented here: Annotation Schema — large_image documentation (it can also output geojson forms of some of these). There are third-party docker image plugins that can import and export additional formats. For instance, Histo-cloud/histomicstk/cli/IngestAperioXML at main · SarderLab/Histo-cloud · GitHub will import Aperio XML files (note: I haven’t personally used this but know the group that wrote it). If you have some other XML format, then you’d probably have to write your own converter.

– David