Is it possible to use self-signed certificate with girder_worker ?

Hi all,

I need to enable HTTPS with a self-signed certificate on my Girder server, but this apparently make it incompatible with girder_worker.
In multiple places, girder_worker uses the Python library requests to perform HTTP(S) requests on Girder, but there is no way of specifying that the certificate should not be verified (with the kwarg verify)
The requests library fails when trying to contact a server through HTTPS without a signed certificate.

Do you see a way of making this work ?
CherryPy does not seem to support both HTTP and HTTPS at the same time and I don’t think that deploying another Girder server with HTTP enabled would be a great idea.

The requests library has a session mechanism that could solve this problem, it is implemented in girder_client. Do you think it would be valuable to use it in girder_worker too ?

Thanks a lot for your answers