Okta support for User Authentication


I was wondering if we have a way to authenticate Users accessing DSA using Okta. If yes, it would be great if you could point me to the appropriate resource/guide. Currently, I’m using the username/password authentication on DSA, but we would like to authenticate users using Okta. Thanks in advance for your time.


I’m not familiar with the services Okta exposes. If it can act as an oauth provider, then probably the easiest way would be to add it to the existing oauth providers (basing it on whatever is most similar from girder/plugins/oauth/girder_oauth/providers at master · girder/girder · GitHub, for instance). This could be a PR to girder or its own stand-alone plugin.

If it uses other protocols, those could also be added via a new plugin (for instance, see the ldap plugin).

– David

Thank you David. We’re looking into your suggestion. Will get back to you if we have any more questions. This was greatly helpful!