Template code for girderIO ?

Dear Girder community:

I try to set up the following pipeline

  • uploading some data in the girder portal triggers an action in a plugin (using events.bind(‘data.process’)) [OK]
  • the plugin launch a girder worker job [OK]
  • the girder worker job access the data from the girder database using the “downloading” mechanism using ‘GirderFileId(file_id)’ in the plugin [not OK]
  • the girder worker job transfer the result of the job by uploading the data in the girder database using ‘GirderUploadToItem(item_id)’ [not OK]

I’m stuck on the two last points for some months (see my previous post: Girder Worker with Girder: a missing link / a linking issue - #3 by valery). I haven’t find the solution to solve to the connection between the girder database and the girder worker, in case, if anyone have a similar working template to share, I would be really happy to use to fix my errors ?

For instance: it could be how to use GirderFileId and GirderUploadToItem in a plugin to launch the job that download/upload a simple text/json file from/in the girder database.

Many thanks in advance,