Use Plugins in the App

Hi ,
We are brand new to Girder data management .
We just followed the Girder documentation and deployed the app using Docker (was working fine).
But when we go to Plugins page its empty, but in the documentation its mentioned that you can view the plugins ,
We also executed into the girder docker container and tried to install manually via pip.
Then it shows up in the webpage but we are facing challenge how to use it because when we click the plugin it redirects us to the documentation page.

Any leads would be a great help for our team

Thanks and Regards

Hi Vicky,

Generally, to add plugins to Girder, you pip install the plugin, then run girder build to build the web client for that plugin, then restart the girder server. You may have to reload the website to see the changes.

I suspect you didn’t run girder build, which is why you aren’t seeing the plugins.

– David

Hi David,

Thanks for the info, You are right we are not aware of girder build.
Yes after girder build its working fine .